Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Resolutions....


I have so many resolutions for 2010 that I think I may be doomed from the start. How depressing is that?? Well, lets list them and see what the year brings!

1. Spend more time with my kids....they are getting older and it is the natural order of things that they will spend less time with hubby and me over the next 5 years. I am starting to panic about this!

2. Save money

3. Spend less money - "Hi, My name is Monica and I am a shopaholic" I must stay out of the thrift stores. We have at least 7 thrift stores in our town within a 5 mile distance and those are just the "big" ones. Not a good situation for this thrift store shopaholic! Please pray for my resolve.
The reason it is hard to not shop is because I can ALWAYS justify why I should make a given purchase. Sometimes it comes down to "well I can always sell it on ebay if I decide I don't want it" I bought these beautiful vintage Frye boots for a steal at our local Goodwill and sold them on ebay for a huge profit!

4. With all the money I will be saving not shopping I want to refinish my hardwood floors and paint my kitchen cabinets and repaint the inside of my whole house. Eventually I want to replace my kitchen's white laminate counter tops with dark granite.

I just love dark wood floors...

I love this kitchen although possibly too much stuff on the counters...

5. Spend more time doing school work. My goal is to finish my first year of homeopathic training by June. mmm....that will take some discipline!

6. Keep up with my blog.

7. Organize and clean my house...I am a hopeless SHE "sidetracked home executive" (I read all their books and tried to do the "system" but alas it just didn't work for me. Anyone have any suggestions?)

8. Attempt to keep balance in my life

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